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High-visibility vehicle reflectors and effective oil spill containment offer essential safety measures.

Oil absorbents

SEQUENCE provides oil absorbents, nature's powerful solution for chemical and fuel spills. They're all-natural and can quickly absorb oils, solvents, and other organic chemicals upon contact. Use them to clean spills on land, hard surfaces, or even on water. Peat moss in the absorbent traps oil while repelling water, making cleanup easy. It's eco-friendly, cost-effective, and proven to work in labs and fields

Fire Extinguishers

SEQUENCE provides fire extinguishers, vital safety tools for suppressing small fires. Available in various types, sizes, and classifications, they empower individuals to respond swiftly to emergencies, preventing the spread of flames and minimizing damage. Our extinguishers, certified by top international labs, ensure effectiveness in safeguarding lives, property, and vehicles. Regular maintenance and training further enhance their reliability.

Vehicle safety

SEQUENCE Introduces, your go-to for top-tier truck safety. Elevate protection with our Grille Guards and enhance visibility with Reflective Tape and Markings. Drive confidently.
• Grille Guards
• Reflective tape and Markings

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