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SEQUENCE reached a big achievement by teaming up with the Kuwaiti Ministry of Interior for their vehicles. We were fully involved in everything from designing and engineering to branding. Throughout the project, we carefully put on the stripes, raising the standard for how MOI vehicles are branded. Our focus on accuracy and new ideas didn’t just change how they look but also made them work better. This project shows off our skills, blending design and function smoothly. We’re proud to help improve the Ministry’s vehicles and we’re committed to doing great work on every project we take on.

Combat Insignia

The Combat Insignia is one of the most important accessories to the modern combat uniform today, serving as a crucial form identification on the Battlefield to help separate friend from foe. The Combat Insignia also serves a number of other purposes in military protocol to identify military hierarchies such as Rank, Skills, Divisions, battalion, Special Forces, Intelligence Personnel Medics etc.

Health. Fire & Rescue Page

Disaster, relief, fires, floods, car accidents, and other unforseen incidents are just another day in the life of health, Fire and Rescue, workers. Situations like these can often put such personnel at risk and that is why the necessary precautionary garments and insignias are required in the risky environments in which they often find themselves.

Hottex Embossing

HOTTEX Embossing is a process which utilises an advanced 3-D polymer technology with a number of highly specialized properties to build up raised detailed relief which bonds permanently to both synthetic and natural textile fibers.

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design, manufacture, supply vehicle components, branding, and accessories globally.


high-visibility vehicle reflectors and effective oil spill containment offer essential safety measures.

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