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The final touch on your product, the symbol of your brand. Whether it's the name or logo, you'll definitely find a good fit from SEQUENCE's wide range of badge options.


Our strong, long-lasting material is perfect for outdoor use and approved for automotive applications, allowing us to create deep-draw emblems with intricate texture and embossing details. With our Kromex emblem solution, we can provide highly durable emblems with unlimited design possibilities, ensuring exceptional performance.

Resin Cast

Clear and tough polyurethane resin-cast items are made for vehicle emblems, branding on sales stands, keychains, folders, hat badges, shoe inserts, fridge magnets, license disc holders, pens, mobile phones, and more. These resin cast emblems are really tough and will look brand new for years to come.

Chrome Badge

Injection molded emblems are the go-to choice for the automotive industry when it comes to producing chrome and colored vehicle emblems of all kinds. At SEQUENCE, we cater to both automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and post-original equipment (POE) customers with our customized injection molded emblems.

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As the demand for customization and uniqueness grows, graphics emerge as a practical answer to fulfilling customer desires.

Whether it’s high-quality exterior graphics suitable for automotive use or promotional-grade interior solutions, SEQUENCE provides a diverse range of graphic options. From smooth to textured finishes, glossy or matte, or any combination thereof, we offer a comprehensive selection of graphics technologies to ensure the perfect product for every application.

Screen printing

Screen printed graphics are a traditional choice for automotive applications, valued for their durability and efficient production, especially for large quantities. This product has been a cornerstone of our offerings for quite some time.

Digital Printing

While traditionally considered a short to medium-term option, digitally printed graphics are gaining popularity as a branding solution across a growing range of applications. This trend is driven by technological advancements, particularly in durability within this sector.

Pre-Pigmented Films

Our pre-pigmented material selection comprises embossed films, wrapping films, calendared, or cast films, each offered in a diverse range of colors and specifications to meet specific needs.

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Frames for License Plate Holder

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Branding and identification

The frame can be customized with the agency's logo, name, or slogan, serving as a constant and visible form of branding

Promotional opportunities

Enhances professional identification, making agency vehicles easily recognizable.
Provides a cost-effective space for additional promotional messaging about agent’s name. Acts as a mobile billboard, promoting the agency's name to a broad audience.

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Reliable products for military, police,and industries globally.


high-visibility vehicle reflectors and effective oil spill containment offer essential safety measures.

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